Dedicated Emails

Category: Email, Lead-Gen


Our Fine Gardening Dedicated eMail delivers your customized advertiser message. This is an excellent marketing tool for delivering a unique offer, product, or experience to this DIY audience of gardeners who trust Fine Gardening and have opted in to receive special messages from Taunton Press and our partners. Timing is based on your advertiser objectives and Taunton availability. With 100% SOV, a custom dedicated email will get partner’s message in front of our readers, providing both branding and lead gen opportunities.


  • 100% SOV — reach the Fine Gardening audience with partner’s product specific creative and marketing message
  • Offers an incentive that drives gardeners to partner’s website for traffic and lead generation
  • Dedicated message could also promote custom whitepaper content or drive traffic to partner’s site
  • Geo-targeting, email design, and HTML build services available for an additional fee.
For more information, please contact our sales team at (203) 304-3540, or