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Fine Gardening is the leading source of accurate, accessible, and useful information designed with one goal in mind: to make enthusiastic gardeners of all skill levels better at the craft they love. We seek out the greatest horticulturists, plants specialists, and designers in North America and use their expertise to create a beautiful, valued resource filled with advice gardeners can use, techniques they can trust, and inspiration they can act on. Fine Gardening understands how to create value for an audience on multiple platforms. With compelling storytelling, expert and inspirational content, the brand continues to help avid gardeners excel with their passions, and helps marketers develop content experiences to build relationships with top influencers and buyers.

Reaching Deeply Engaged Gardeners

Nobody reaches more deeply engaged gardeners, across all channels. Our audience relies on us for informative and useful content and best practices to help them succeed—they are highly engaged and willing to pay a premium for our content—ensuring your products get noticed.

Paid print circulation (76k+)

Digital reach (1.1m unique visitors per month, peak season)

E-letters (116k subscribers)

Social reach (1.94+ million total social reach)

Daily interaction (29k Photo of the Day subscribers)

Source: Google Analytics 2022

Reach A World of Inspired Outdoor Designers

If you’re looking to target committed gardeners, Fine Gardening has you covered, with a continuous multi-channel conversation.

Print Audience Demographics


average age




household income


weekly hours spent gardening

Web Audience Demographics


average age




household income


weekly hours spent gardening

All Access Member Demographics


average age




household income


weekly hours spent gardening

Committed and Enthusiastic Gardeners


Readers’ gardening spend is 8x more than the national average


average spend per year on gardening-related activities (online, $3.9k; member, $4.2k)


total social media audience

Our audience is DIY highly-engaged gardeners, who spend 3.6 hours reading each issue, and complete around 5 new gardening projects each year.

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Get in Front of Our Highly Engaged Audience

Our audience relies on us for great advice on what to buy and best practices to help them succeed — they are highly engaged, passionate, and motivated, ensuring your products get noticed.


renewal rate for the print magazine

readers who read ALL four previous issues

access our content via mobile devices

Tap Into $3.5 Billion in Collective Purchasing Power

Our professional audience has over $3.5 billion to spend each year, and are willing to purchase products as a result of advertising they see in Fine Gardening.


would consider purchasing a product/service as a result of advertising in/on Fine Gardening Magazine (web 58%; members 75%)

have requested information on a product/service as a result of reading/visiting Fine Gardening (79% web; 47% members)

visited the website of a Fine Gardening advertiser (91% web; 96% members)

2023 Editorial Calendar

Jan/Feb 2023
Fine Gardening Issue #209

Ad Close 10/22/22
Earliest In-Home 12/8/22
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Mar/Apr 2023
Fine Gardening Issue #210
Ad Close 12/16/22
Earliest In-Home 02/1/23
Read more details

May/June 2023
Fine Gardening Issue #211
Ad Close 02/3/23
Earliest In-Home 03/22/23
Read more details

July/August 2023
Fine Gardening Issue #212
Ad Close 03/31/23
Earliest In-Home 05/17/23
Read more details

Sept/Oct 2023
Fine Gardening Issue #213
Ad Close 06/23/23
Earliest In-Home 08/9/23
Read more details

Nov/Dec 2023
Fine Gardening Issue #214
Ad Close 08/18/23
Earliest In-Home 10/4/23
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